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  Dongguan Benlei Hardware Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, has accumulated many years of production experience, with high-tech production equipment, Main: single lap, double laps, line deduction, chain, spring, torsion spring, compression spring, Flat line (reel line), semicircular line, wire sharpening / rubbing flower, toy rubbing axis, head fork, hairpin, keyboard balance bar, precision springs, car parts, deduction hardware products, all kinds of wire molding And so on, is widely used in the manufacture of hardware accessories, toys accessories, handbags accessories, clothing accessories, electrical products, artificial jewelry, handicrafts, daily necessities, stationery, children's toys, auto parts and other industries products. Such as: 8-character buckle, D-type buckle, gourd buckle, the deduction, the triangle deduction, 9-button deduction, sheep eyes, Carabiner, metal hanging buckle, right angle buckle, bag buckle, pants rack steel buckle, S hook, , Hooks, hanger hooks, metal hooks, glasses accessories, racks series, lighting series, racks, wooden hangers, bamboo hangers, plastic hangers, suit hangers, shoe racks, CD racks, fan grille series, wire netting Blue series, screen, hanging chain, double hook chain, bead chain, protection chain, jewelry chain, hanging chain, back to the word chain, lifting chain, decorative chain, shelf, bicycle basket, luggage hardware accessories, metal line handicrafts, Bathroom wire basket, grape sprinkle rack, supermarket basket rack, supermarket shopping cart accessories, baby stroller accessories and other hardware products.

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