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How to choose to install hardware?
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With the continuous improvement of household products, the role of hardware gadgets is also more important, do not underestimate the role of these small pieces of a piece of furniture, a wardrobe, cabinets, require a variety of small pieces with the normal use. Consumers in the purchase of the overall product, one fancy brand and credibility; the second is the packaging of hardware accessories, depends on whether the seal is good and check whether there are security verification code, you can consult experienced people, Let them provide product name, model, price advice, go to the market to understand.

High quality accessories extend product life

Reporter learned in the interview, the quality of the gadgets appear quality problems, often bring many troubles and security risks. Reader Ms. Gao said: "At home, buy the cabinets, the top of the hanging cabinet for the flip-style door, because the support on the turn of the air stays the quality of the pass, after the problem did not promptly replaced once anxious enough things, the results turn up Cabinet lost support force smashed his hand. "There are similar encounters, Mr. Wang also suffered a poor quality gadgets loss, obviously saw a broken hinge, the swing of the closet door so loose, but too lazy to replace the results The whole door of the wardrobe suddenly fell off when a visitor visited, very awkward.

According to Zhang Lei, manager of decoration engineering department, high-quality hardware accessories can prolong the service life of the products. In the home market, the products with higher prices and better quality, in addition to the high cost of material environmental protection, are all embodied in hardware and other small accessories. For example, in the high-end wardrobe, cabinet is different from the parity of similar goods is the slide, folding more durable, rarely damaged.

When buying furniture to understand more hardware gadgets

When there are problems with household products, they mostly have quality problems with small accessories. The reason for this is that on the one hand, consumers often pay attention to price when purchasing large-sized products and do not care about the gadgets that really support the durability of products. On the other hand, we do not understand the brand of gadgets, and some salespeople do not guide us to pay attention, just a brief introduction of the overall product price and brand. Yuzhou Chau decorative engineering manager believes that everyone in the choice of home products, we must pay more attention to the collocation of these gadgets, like the closet contains the door hinge, handle, drawer track; cabinets contain hinges, damping, gas struts, Baseboard, basket and so on. Some related to the overall stability of the gadget, we must pay more attention, ask and understand, in order to ensure the use of large pieces of furniture longer.

Ms Cheng, a brand wardrobe saleswoman advises consumers, because consumers are using these gadgets every day, they are easy to wear consumables, it is recommended that you buy home products, we must not compare the quality and purchase price to the price , Find out the difference between the accessories used in the product where you know the reason for the price difference.

How to install it is also very important

In addition to the quality of the accessories is the key, the installation is also very particular about. Regular home product sales process, will have their own specialized installation home installation, they rely on their many years of experience, will be one by one the gadget installed in place to ensure that the product is more solid and solid. Consumers can also feel comfortable after the installation of the master, for example, the wardrobe of the swing door, feel the flexibility of the switch, strictness and flatness, make the product more comfortable to use.