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Hardware processing safety rules
Time:2017-12-14 10:05:02  Browse:

First, all employees before entering the job, check their costumes meet the job requirements. Do not wear slippers, high heels and safety-related clothing, long hair to wear safety helmets. Maintain a correct posture while working, have enough spirit to cope with work, and if found to be unwell, leave work immediately and report it to the leadership. Must concentrate on the operation, non-chat, mutual cooperation, the operator should not be irritable, tired state of operation, in order to avoid accidents, to ensure safe operation. The company is located in:

Second, the mechanical work before checking whether the movement part of the filling of lubricating oil, and then start and check the clutch, the brake is normal, and the machine air to turn 1-3 minutes, mechanical failure is prohibited. The company is located in:

Third, replace the mold first turn off the power, press the moving parts to stop working before they start to install and debug mold. After the installation and adjustment, hand-moving flywheel try two times to check the mold up and down is symmetrical, reasonable, whether the screw is solid, blank holder is in a reasonable position. The company is located in:

Fourth, we must wait for all other personnel to leave the mechanical work area, and remove the debris on the workbench before starting the power to start the machine. The company is located in:

5. After the machine is started, the operation of the material and machinery will be carried out by one person. The other person shall not press the electric building or the foot to pedal the switch board, but can not put the hand into the mechanical work area or touch the movement part of the machine by hand. Mechanical work, the prohibition of hand into the slider work area, strictly prohibited by hand, put the workpiece. In the die take, put the workpiece must use the standard tools. If there is an abnormal sound machine or machine failure, immediately turn off the power switch to check. The company is located in:

Six, off work, should be off the power, and finishing the job on the finished product, edge materials and debris, etc., to ensure that the working environment clean and safe.